Dan Franks-General Manager

Name & Title: Dan Franks-General Manager

Birthday: April 27th

Nickname: Motormouth

Family: none

Been with the Station: From the start

If you were not on radio what would you be doing?: Teaching

Favorite Bible Verse: 2 Timothy 1:7

Besides your faith what inspires you the most: The alarm clock, it inspires me to get out of bed each morning!

Favorite Phrase: Call with a pledge at 1-877-335-4JOY

Favorite Food: Chicken-very helpful in Christian Ministry: potlucks, church dinners, etc.

Favorite Restaurant: Anyone that serves Pepsi & lets me replace salad with an extra side dish or jello.

Favorite Concert: Steven Curtis Chapman

Coolest Person I have ever met: Cool people avoid me.

Favorite Web Site: This one of course!

Additional Thoughts: I wish more people would use their turn signal.

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