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Naomi Cantrell is ready, willing and able to answer your music question.  Email your questions to Naomi here.

                                                                     Joy FM New Artist Policy

Joy FM is a twenty-four hour, seven day a week ministry playing today’s Christian Contemporary music.  We strive for excellence in ministry, which means top-notch production and uplifting, Christian lyrics.  We get hundreds of submissions from new artists every year that never make the airwaves.  While we encourage new artists to submit their music, we want to remind you that your music, provided it meets our standards, will still be competing with every other single that comes in to our station, many of them from major artists.

In order to be considered for airplay on Joy FM, your music MUST meet these requirements.  These are standards every major artist must also meet.  If you feel you meet these requirements, you may submit your music:

  1. The music style must fit our Christian Contemporary format.
  2. The lyrics must be openly Christian and God-honoring.
  3. The production, recording  quality, vocals, performance, and song writing has to measure up to the level of everything else we play.
  4. We require that your music be available for purchase at our local Christian bookstores in Greenville, Ohio and Richmond, Indiana.
  5. Your music must be copyrighted for us to legally air it.

You can submit music through the mail on CD or email it as an mp3.  If you are sending a complete album, please suggest specific songs for consideration.  Also, bear in mind that your CD or mp3 becomes our property when you send it to us and we will not be able to return it to you.

Please realize that Joy FM receives ten to twenty songs to consider a week, and we are only able to add one or two songs per week.  Joy FM makes no guarantee that your song will receive airplay.  Thank you for your submission and time.

Submit your album or single to:

Naomi Cantrell
Music Director, WJYW Radio
P. O. Box 445
Union City, IN  47390
Phone:  937-968-5633
Fax:  937-968-3320

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