Tuesday Trivia Questions and Answers


Every Tuesday on The Work Day Wrap-up, Dan Franks gives a question that could have lots of different answers, but only one of them is correct. Below are the questions and answers from past shows.

01/14/14-Q. What part of the body is bitten most by insects?
A. The Foot
1/21/14-Q. Having one of these helps a man in a job interview, but hurts a woman, what is it?
A. A wedding ring
1/28/14-Q. What was the last letter added to the English alphabet?
A. J
2/4/14-Q. Who is the only person to serve as both President and Vice-President of the U.S. without having been elected to either office?
A. Gerald Ford
2/11/14-Q. According to recent medical studies, if you do THIS alone or even with a group of people, it is proven to relieve stress. What is it?
A. Singing
2/18/14-Q. According to the latest studies, men who have THIS will likely make more money and be more successful at work. What is it?
A. A deep voice
3/25/14- Q. For what event did evangelist Billy Graham break his strict rule against watching TV on Sunday?
A. The Beattle’s first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show”