Become a Joy FM ipartner

Want to be an ipartner?
Are you asking what is an ipartner? It’s any person who commits to giving at least $20/month to support your local Christian radio station. Twenty dollars per month covers an hour of programming every month on Joy FM. That’s right. It costs us $20 every hour to keep the station on the air.

To show our appreciation for your willingness to become a new Joy FM ipartner, we will send you our new ipartner t-shirt as a token of our appreciation. Once you fill out the form we have linked below¬†and make your first monthly payment, we will send your t-shirt (you can put the your t-shirt size in the Notes section…we have M, L, XL, XXL available)

Monthly support is crucial in maintaining a steady cash flow to meet our monthly obligations. When you say “I partner with Joy FM”, you become an important part of the Joy FM family.

To become a Joy FM ipartner, please click here.  Or if you would rather call to set up your pledge you can call 1-877-335-4569.