Prayer Requests

Did you miss the prayer circle or just want to pray on your own for the prayer requests mentioned? Now you can see the prayer requests for each day (per week) right here.
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Psalm 145:18- The Lord is near to all who call on him

Prayer Requests:


Prayers for a job opportunity for a woman’s son. His current job puts his health at risk.

Prayers for a woman’s daughter who is having difficulties at work.

Prayers for a 14 year old boy who had open heart surgery that he will have a speedy recovery.


PRAISE!! Man’s daughter is out of the hospital, still having some seizures. The seizures may be related to the medication that she is on.

Prayers for a woman’s friend who has had knee surgery that she will be pain free and back on her feet again soon.

Prayers for a woman’s friend’s husband who is having a back operation and that the surgery will leave him pain free and off the medication that he has been on for a long time.

Prayers for a girl who was in an accident this weekend and was not breathing when she was discovered. She was revived, but there is brain damage.

Please pray for a man’s cousin to be healed of myopathy.

Prayers for a baby being born today, the family lost their last child during a traumatic birth.

Prayers for a woman’s sister who is not feeling well.

Prayers for a woman who is starting Chemo.

Please pray for a man’s cousin to be saved.

Prayers for a woman’s nephew who is making bad decisions.

PRAISE!! Baby born to a family who lost their last child is going GREAT!!

PRAISE!! Young woman in a car accident showed annoyance and excitement, but can’t talk yet. Her liver and spleen were both torn in the accident, but by the time she got to the hospital the liver had already begun to repair itself.

Prayers for a woman’s father who is driving to Texas.

Prayers for those who are working in cold.

Prayers for a young girl who was in an accident; surgery went well many more to go, but she is showing some small improvements.

Prayers for a woman’s sister who is dealing with a sinus and ear infections this week. Pray that she will have healing soon.

Prayers for a teens healing.

Prayers for a woman’s daughter who had surgery to remove a tumor from her brain.


Prayers for young girl who was in an accident and had surgery she has some bleeding on the brain, doctors are optimistic. She has opened her eyes 7 times! She will have more surgeries this week.

Prayers for a woman’s son who is struggling with his sister’s cancer diagnosis and staying close to God through this.

Prayers for a woman who is struggling to stay strong for everyone in her family through her daughter’s cancer.

Prayers for a woman’s daughter with T-Cell Lymphoma. She will start cancer again soon and she has given up. Prayers for strength.

Prayers for a woman and her husband they have separated and he is an alcoholic. Prayers that he will turn away for alcohol and back to God.

Please pray for a man’s son who is having troubles with his ankle.

Please pray for a man’s daughter who is trying to quit smoking.

Prayers for a man’s coworker who is struggling with family issues. Family needs prayer and salvation.

Please pray for a man’s wife who is having surgery to have 2 disc removed out of back and then replaced. She is very nervous.