Prayer Requests

Did you miss the prayer circle or just want to pray on your own for the prayer requests mentioned? Now you can see the prayer requests for each day (per week) right here.
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If you would like to leave a message for a particular prayer request or just to let them know you are praying for them, you can email us at and we will add it under the prayer request on this page.

Psalm 145:18- The Lord is near to all who call on him

Prayer Requests:


Please pray for a man’s son taking flying lessons for God’s honor and glory.

Prayers for a man who is having neck surgery and very worried. This man does suffer from addiction issues and depression.

Prayers for a man who had a stress test and another this week. Prayers for good results, and a preexisting heart condition will heal.

Please pray for man’s cousin to be saved.

Prayers for a woman who had shots in her back.

Please pray for a boy who had a reaction to a vaccine.

Please pray for a man’s sister who is having kidney stones removed.

PRAISE!! A man and his father had safe travels. Awesome trip, great weather, good fellowship, and was able to show his family Jesus.

Prayers for a woman’s Aunt who is having open heart surgery to repair a heart valve and remove blockage in an artery. Pray for guidance of the surgeon’s hands and full & speedy recovery.

PRAISE!! Sister made it through kidney stone surgery, still needs prayer for healing.

Pray for a friend who is struggling with alcoholism.

Prayers for a husband who has still not passed a kidney stone and going to work, is in a lot of pain!

Prayers for a woman who is looking for a better job opportunity.

Prayers for a woman’s unspoken request.

Please pray for a woman with a lot of things on her heart.

Please pray for a man’s dad, he has incurable leukemia.

Prayers for a little girl who has a boil and is in a lot of pain.

PRAISE!!I have been listening to JoyFM for about two months. I sent in a prayer request for help in selling my deceased mother’s mobile home that my siblings and I had been trying to sell for almost a year. Within three weeks of my prayer request, we sold the mobile home. So I am a true believer that prayer does work.

PRAISE!!!! Heart surgery for Aunt was successful on Tuesday!!!!!! heart beat and breathing were normal after valve replacement surgery. Now for a complete recovery. Praise the Lord! :)


Please pray for a woman’s mom who is ill and the family is feuding over care issues.

Praise!! Man with a leaky heart valve went to the doctor and tests who that it is very minor and nothing to worry about right now.

Prayer for a man trying to find a job.

PRAISE!! Bean harvest is going very well!

Please pray for a woman’s daughter who is having shoulder pain.

PRAISE!! Man’s friend has been alcohol free for 3 weeks. Pray for continued sobriety and healing for his back.

Please pray for a man’s wife to have safe travel this week.

Prayers for a man’s cousins salvation.

Please pray for a woman’s husband who is having irregular heart beats and was Care Flighted to Miami Valley Hospital.

Pray for a woman’s friend’s son who has a very bad case of croup and is being admitted to the hospital. The mom is pregnant with their 3rd child and has been diagnosed with Lupus. Prayers for healing and safety.

Please pray for a woman’s Grandmother who has passed away.

Praise that a man’s job is starting to pick up.

Prayers for a man who has macular degeneration in one eye.

Please pray for the upcoming Emmaus walk.

Please pray for a young boy with sinus and respiratory issues.

Prayers for a woman with high blood pressure and changing thyroid levels, prayers for the doctor to figure out the best treatment.

Please pray for a man’s wife and coworkers who are driving from a conference.

Prayers for those traveling to the National FFA Convention in Kentucky.

Please pray for a woman’s daughter who is having stomach issues.

PRAISE!! Woman who had heart valve replacement is coming home one week after surgery! Please pray for continued healing at home.