Prayer Requests

Did you miss the prayer circle or just want to pray on your own for the prayer requests mentioned? Now you can see the prayer requests for each day (per week) right here.
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If you would like to leave a message for a particular prayer request or just to let them know you are praying for them, you can email us at and we will add it under the prayer request on this page.

Psalm 145:18- The Lord is near to all who call on him

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for a woman’s father in law who passed away.

Prayers for a man’s wife who had a mini stroke. They are awaiting test results.

Prayers for a woman who had surgery on her neck Prayers for a quick and complete recovery.

Please pray for a single mother who is having financial difficulties and needs God’s guidance.

Please pray for a woman’s 17 year old son whose girlfriend is pregnant. Prayers for the parents, son, and girlfriend for guidance.

Prayers for a family who is going for extensive testing to see if everything is ok with their unborn child.

Woman’s coworkers is difficult to work with and causing a lot of stress at work.

Prayers for a man who had surgery, prayers for healing.

Please pray for a man’s wife who had to go to the ER.

Prayers for a man who is in a custody battle for his kids.

Man’s special needs daughter is back in the hospital. Prayers for the doctor’s who are unsure on how to proceed with treatment.

Please pray for a woman’s friend who had extensive back surgery and is having problems and still in the hospital

Prayers a woman whose uncle has colon cancer that has spread to his liver.

Prayers for a dad who has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer and is going to be undergoing chemo.

Prayers woman’s mom and sister with health issues.

Please pray for husband’s job situation and for discernment.

Please pray for a man’s friend who lost his job and needs God’s guidance.

Please pray for a pastor who broke his hip and is now at home recovering.

Prayers for a woman’s daughters pregnancy.

Please pray for 2 friends who are battling cancer.

Prayers for a woman dealing with depression, migraines, and nausea. Prayers to feel better soon.

PRAISE for a man who is not having any seizures.

Please pray for a man who hit his head and had surgery.

PRAISE!! Man had a $1,600 bill forgiven.

Please pray for a woman’s husband who is a veteran and served 2 tours in Iraq. Returning to civilian work and civilian world has been a struggle for him.


Prayers for a boy in ICU who was in an accident last week.

Please pray for a family who lost their house and all their belongings to a fire.

Please pray for a woman who is battling vertigo

Prayers for a woman with shingles.

Please pray for a man who had a lung transplant the next 48 hours are critical. The family is having to make some very big decisions very soon about his health. This could mean that they will lose him. Please pray for peace.

Prayers for 2 woman battling cancer.

Prayers for a daughter’s dog that is still missing. Daughter is having issues with dog missing.

Please pray for a man who has only 1 kidney and has a kidney infection. This kidney is not working right. Praying for God’s will.

Please pray for man’s mom who has been in out of the hospital and has double pneumonia.