Prayer Requests

Did you miss the prayer circle or just want to pray on your own for the prayer requests mentioned? Now you can see the prayer requests for each day (per week) right here.
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Psalm 145:18- The Lord is near to all who call on him

Prayer Requests:


Please pray for a man who is asking for discernment about a possible new job opportunity.

Prayers for a woman’s co-workers grandson who is 3 months old and having surgery on 07/09 at Riley Hospital.

Prayers for a family whose mom was battling depression and pneumonia who passed way.

Prayers for the family in New Madison who lost their house in a fire.


Please pray for a man’s uncle who passed away. He was a Christian and the family is praying that this will strengthen the family and draw those who don’t know the Lord to salvation.

Prayers for a woman who had cataract surgery that all will go well and she will have save travels.

Please pray for a man with a drug addiction, he is trying to fight the addiction and that he will be back on the right path.

Prayers for a woman’s bosses son who has cancer and can’t get chemo-treatments due to insurance problems.


Please pray for a man; his wife has filed for divorce and that God’s will will happen and if it’s reconciliation let it be.

Prayers for a man’s uncle who passed away and that there will be peace as he is laid to rest.

PRAISE! Celebrate Recovery is seeing God move. Prayers that God will fill the chairs.

Prayers for a man’s wife that she will be healed of an infection.

Prayers for the family in New Madison who lost their home in a fire.


Praises that a man’s Uncles Funeral went well and God’s presence was felt throughout the service.

Praises for Celebrate Recover in Winchester was blessed with many chairs filled.

Prayers for a woman’s mother in law, who was diagnosed with colon cancer and she is to have surgery soon.

Prayers for marriage that hasn’t been good for a long time and communication is the major problem.

Please pray for a woman who is having hiatal surgery on Thursday

Prayers for a man’s niece who is going to an oncologist that a mas will be removed and she will have clarity.

PRAISE!! Woman’s cataract surgery went well. Prayers, for the surgery that will be performed on the left eye.

Prayers for a man who will be taking his national board exam for Pharmacy.

Please pray for a woman who is in a lot of pain that is almost unbearable, she is seeking relief and comfort.

Prayers for a man’s mother who fell last week and can’t use her legs. She is in physical therapy and is working to regain strength. Please pray that God will continue to use her in the lives of those around her.

PRAISE!! A woman’s cataract surgery went fantastic and she can see clearer and can see the music to play the piano again!

Prayers for a family who lost their son a year ago. PRAISES for how they have fought through this tragedy and have done good things to affect people across the nation.

Please pray for a woman from Dunkirk Indiana who is missing.

Please pray for a mission team going to Mozambique.

Prayers for a young woman who is having complete hip replacement.

Prayers for celebrate recovery in Winchester, IN.

Please pray for a man’s family who has suffered the loss of a family member and friend.

Please pray for Versailles Young Life, they really need some adult guy leader to commit themselves to these kids.

Please pray for a man struggling with lust.

Prayers for a man’s wife is on meds to prevent her from having strokes.

Please pray for a man who is the hospital and very sick. He has 2 teenage kids and his family is very concerned.

Prayers for a woman’s daughter who has 3 aneurysms in her head and brain. She will be seeing a surgeon this week and the family is very anxious as they have been through this before and their daughter had to re-learn everything.

Please pray for a woman’s son who is taking the state portion of his pharmacy test. Praises that he passed the national portion.

Prayers for a mom who is having eye surgery and is very nervous about the procedure. After her surgery she will not be allowed to move her head much for 1 week.

Prayers for the kids doing Randolph County Livestock sale that it will be good, safe, and everyone will be healthy.

Prayers for the Winchester Band traveling to and from Taylor University and for families traveling to and from.

Please pray for a man with congestive heart failure and other complications. Also remember his family in prayer.