Prayer Requests

Did you miss the prayer circle or just want to pray on your own for the prayer requests mentioned? Now you can see the prayer requests for each day (per week) right here.
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Psalm 145:18- The Lord is near to all who call on him

Prayer Requests:


Prayers for a woman’s 2 1/2 year old nephew with a brain tumor who will be starting chemo soon.

Prayers for a man with high blood pressure.

Please pray for a man’s salvation.

Prayers for a man with a heart condition who is going in for surgery to repair it.


Prayers for a young girl who is dealing with headaches.

Please pray for a woman with knee problems.

Prayers for a mans family who is mourning the loss of their grandmother.

Please pray for a woman’s best friend whose husband passed away suddenly.

Prayers for a woman’s son who is turning away from God and claims to be an atheist.


Prayers for a girl who is in a lot of pain and having surgery next month.

Prayers for a friend with health problems.

Please pray for a woman’s husband who has only one kidney and who appears to have kidney failure.

PRAISE!! Woman’s fathers biopsy came back cancer free.


Please pray for a woman’s daughters marriage.

Boy involved in ATV 4-wheeler accident. Recovering from non-life threatening injuries but in a lot of pain.


Family where the wife wants to stay at home but she makes most of their income. Pray for direction.

Several people recovering from car accidents.

Daughter battling serious health problems.

Youngest son in South Dakota for work and is battling appendicitis. He’s going in for surgery.

Family lost husband and father today during a surgery. Pray for comfort, strength and peace.

Family injured in accident a month ago still needs healing/recovery.

PRAISE: Daughter is pregnant and tests came back saying no Cystic Fibrosis.


Celebrate Recovery meeting.

Her dad has melanoma and leukemia.

Doctors are saying her husband may have bone cancer.

Her brother-in-law has been missing for over an month. Pray for answers and peace.

Wife has job interview.

Friend who is a pastor may be leaving his church to go to a new one. Pray for him.

Pray for woman whose husband left her. Divorce hearing is coming up. Pray for fairness and justice. Pray for her to have the Lord’s peace.

Son is living in a home beyond his financial means. Pray for relief and a home he can afford.

Daughter under stress at job.

Woman dealing with depression and a degenerating disc in her lower back. Pray for direction for doctors.


Man’s father-in-law in hospital with blood clots in his lungs.

Man’s daughter has cancer in her brain stem. Tests in Columbus next week.

Man’s wife and son traveling home today. Pray for safety.

Man’s niece has had a miscarriage.

PRAISE: son’s appendix surgery went well! Thanks for prayers.

Man is struggling with memory loss. Doctors are running tests. Pray for answers and peace in the meantime.


Man’s son is taking classes and tests for work this week. Also pray for a friend who is struggling with alcohol addiction.

Woman’s brother has been missing for over a month.

Man’s father-in-law passed away this weekend. Pray for the family.


Woman asks us to pray for man she works with that has been diagnosed with leukemia.

Pray for woman’s daughter and her 4 kids. She may have to move to find work. Pray for God’s direction.

Pray for all grandparents who have to raise their grandchildren. For strength and patience.

Pray for mother-in-law who is struggling with health issues.

Pray for best friend who’s recovering from knee surgery.

Pray for her son who got the shift he wanted, to spend more time with family now.

Pray for woman who is dealing with major issues she’s turning over to the Lord.