Prayer Requests

Did you miss the prayer circle or just want to pray on your own for the prayer requests mentioned? Now you can see the prayer requests for each day (per week) right here.
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Psalm 145:18- The Lord is near to all who call on him

Prayer Requests:

Prayers for a man’s wife who is flying home and for a safe trip.

Please pray for a man’s cousin who is having issues with her back.

Prayers for a man’s work that there will be more orders at his job.

PRAISE!! Woman’s sister’s custody case in court went well!

Prayers woman’s son is going to court today over a recent car accident. Prayer that all will go well.

Please pray for a man who will be going back to the doctor for metal in his arm. Will be put on a new antibiotic and for continued healing.


Prayers for a young man who has being trying to get a job got a job, but is working on overcoming a past drug addiction.

PRAISE!! Woman who went to Columbus for a conference is home safe.

Prayers for a man who is feeling VERY overwhelmed with life right now.

Praise!! Man who had metal in his arm went to the doctor and everything is looking great and his wound is healing well.

Prayers for a man’s mom who has a baker’s cyst as well as a problem with a sciatic nerve.

Please pray for a man’s father who has skin cancer and worsening dementia.

Please pray for a man’s cousin will have no suicidal thoughts, and will also start attending church.

Prayers for a man’s dad who is going to the doctor to find out more about congestive heart failure.


Prayers for a man who is going to the jail to minister.

Please pray for those who are in the fields that they will continue to have good weather and a good harvest. Also, prayers for those who are on the roads with the farm equipment that they will be patient.

PRAISE!! Man’s father who had an appointment with a heart doctor, the doctor is not really worried about his condition. Will still have to have more tests done.

Prayers for a man who is already dealing with an injury on one arm from metal now has one on the other arm. Please pray he wouldn’t be so accident prone.

Prayers for a woman who is having sinus issues.

PRAISE!! Man who was feeling VERY overwhelmed, is doing MUCH better! Less stressed/relieved and no feeling of the devil attacking him.


Woman’s nephew was just hit by a car.

Woman’s son has headaches every day. Has new job and no insurance so there are financial issues too.

Woman has nerve damage on the side of her neck and spine problems. Surgery is not an option for her.

Mom wants prayer for son moving to Indianapolis


Woman is fighting a virus.

Family going to Hawaii for Make A wish. Child has brain tumor. Pray for a great and safe trip.

Man asks we pray for marriage to be restored.

Son’s marriage is ending. He’s having a hard time letting go. He has arguments with wife and then goes into panic attacks. Wife has some self destructive behaviors too.

Woman’s 10 year old daughter is rebelling and acting out. Pray God gets a hold of her.

Nephew was in an accident. Sore and having headaches. He also needs salvation.

A friend’s sister passed away.

Young man is in the hospital with bronchitis. He’s homeless and struggling with a lot of things.

Man is feeling down. Losing hope. Pray for his encouragement and God’s provision.

Pray for salvation of cousin.


PRAISE: Son is accident had court appearance and judge ruled in his favor.

Friend is a cancer survivor but found a lump. Is awaiting results from a biopsy.

Woman’s sister is praying for a job on first shift so she can take care of her kids.

Daughter is experiencing a miscarriage. Pray for her health and that her faith is not shaken.

Please pray for a man’s friend whose father is in the hospital. There is nothing the doctors can do for this man, prayers for healing and comfort.

Prayers for a man’s work that needs more orders at his business.

Prayers for a woman who is fighting a virus and not feeling well. Prayers for healing.

Prayers for a person who has a court case coming up.

Please pray for a daughter who needs the Lord. Prayers for salvation.


Mom is having neck surgery, please pray for the surgery and safe travel.

Prayers for a woman’s daughter has been very rebellious.

Please pray for a girl who has a VERY bad cold.


Please pray for a woman who is sick and on antibiotics.

Prayers for a woman’s dad who is in ICU and is far from her.

Prayers for a man’s dad who fell and his oxygen levels dropped. He is now in the hospital and they are working to get his oxygen levels up.

Prayers for a woman’s daughter who is sick with sinus and strep.

Please pray for a woman’s coworkers grandson who has a hole in his heart. He sees a cardiologist and they are praying for a good report.

Please pray for a man’s uncle who has bone cancer. The doctors aren’t giving him much time. Pray for relief from his pain. Praise that he is a Christian.

Prayers for a 19 year old that is dealing with an addiction to heroin.

Please pray for a man’s cousin to be saved.

Prayers for a pastors mom who is sick and the doctor is giving her only a couple of days to live.

Continued prayers for a woman’s daughter; she is growing closer to the Lord, but still needs the prayers.

Please pray for a man’s co-worker who is having vision problems, and God would work in him spiritually too.

Prayers for a woman to have guidance, strength, and God’s will in her relationship.

PRAISE!! Woman’s mom who had neck surgery. Over the weekend she was about to come home and doing very good! Doctors are very pleased.

Please pray for a woman who is teacher and having a very difficult year. Prayers for encouragement.

PRAISE!! A woman’s mom who has been taking chemo for a blood disorder is now in remission!! Praise GOD!

Please continue to pray for a woman’s daughters salvation.

Please pray for a woman who just moved into a house, she needs funding to be able to stay in this house or she will be homeless.

Prayers for a man who is considering a job change. Praying for a good job with good benefits, especially insurance, and that God will provide it when the timing is right.


Prayers for a young man who is struggling with heroin addiction. PRAISE that he hasn’t used in 3 days! Prayer for continued strength to break this addiction.

Praise for a man’s growing church.

Prayers for wisdom for the elders & deacons in the direction to go in this growth.

PRAISE! Pastors mom who was not expected to her to live has been doing great and the doctors are amazed!


Prayers fro Celebrate Recover’s meeting that people dealing with other life issues would come, not just addictions.

Please pray for a friend dealing with domestic abuse.

Please pray for a woman’s friends husband who is having a heart procedure.

Prayers for a woman who is not feeling well and is having stomach problems and a hard day at work.

Please pray for a woman’s husband who is very uncertain in the direction of his job and may be displaced. Prayers for the wife too, for patience and acceptance.

Please pray for a friend who needs salvation.

Prayers for a man’s friend who is in an abusive relationship.

Prayers for a man who is considering a job change.