Prayer Requests

Did you miss the prayer circle or just want to pray on your own for the prayer requests mentioned? Now you can see the prayer requests for each day (per week) right here.
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Psalm 145:18- The Lord is near to all who call on him

Prayer Requests:

Prayers for a woman who has a sinus headache.

Please pray for a man’s mother who is in the last stages of life. She knows Christ. Please pray for strength for family and easing of pain for her.

Please pray for a family who’s wife and mother lost her life. She was found unresponsive earlier this week. She is now home with the Lord.

Prayers for the students who are starting school this week, and their parents/family too.

Please pray for a lady and her unborn child’s health.

Please pray for a man’s mother whose family has begun calling hospice. Asking for prayers for strength, peace, and guidance as they go through this process.

Prayers for a woman who is having a procedure for a collapsed lung and narrowing of her airways. She is very nervous, but knows that God’s with her.

Prayers for Celebrate Recovery Winchester as they go into jails to speak with the residents. Praise! All that God’s doing in this ministry and the lives changed through the ministry.

Please pray for a young man who was very ill and has 2 teenage children and wife. He has now passed away, but is no longer in pain. His family knows that he is rejoicing in Heaven and that is giving them some peace.

Prayers for a man’s family who is going through a critical situation right now and that he will completely and forever surrender his life to Jesus Christ.


Prayers for a man’s mother who is nearing the end of her earthly life. Hospice has been called.

Praise!! Woman who we have been praying for had suffered a stroke. Her speech has come back and she continues to improve. Continued prayers for complete recovery & a small heart situation.

Prayers for Tony Stewart and the family of the driver (Kevin Ward Jr.) that he hit and killed during a race.

Please pray for a young man who is trying to get off heroin seeking God’s help, direction, and word’s to give this young man the best chance at success in breaking the chains of addiction.

Prayers for a man’s cousin to be saved.

Please pray for a man who is witnessing to his friends, one of which is an atheist.

Prayers for 3 year old who is having heart problems.

Praise for a woman who had surgery that everything went VERY well!


Continued prayer for a man’s mom who God is opening doors that would not be open without his grace & power. PRAISE! For seeing God’s hand at work through this whole situation.

Prayers for a man who’s place of employment is being sold. Praying God will continue laying his hand on the business and all those employed there.

Prayers for a family who is traveling to Oklahoma due to the death of a family member.

Prayers for a woman’ who lost her son and for God to give her strength.

Please pray for a son who has a substance addiction was sent to Michigan. It is not a good facility, and his mother is not allowed to talk to him, or try to get him out of the facility.

Prayers for the family of the former Ridgeville Elementary School secretary she passed away suddenly. School is having a hard time dealing with the sudden death.


Please pray for a woman’s friend who’s wife passed away. Prayers for him as his is struggling with this and he has some health issues that make it difficult for him to get around.

Please pray for a boy who is dealing with health issues, prayers for healing. Also, pray for a smooth transition with an upcoming move.

Please pray for a woman’s son who was in a 4-wheeler accident. He was care flighted and doing better, but needs a lot of healing. Please remember his mother in prayer, for strength.

Please pray for a woman who is having health issues and moving into a new home.

Praise for Celebrate Recovery in Winchester praying for God’s will to fill the chair and for the leader as he goes into the jails.

Prayers for a woman’s friend who is “walking through the fire” right now. Asking for prayers for strength and direction and support trusting God to lead the way.

Please pray for a man’s mother that God will remover her anxieties as she goes through the trials facing her.

PRAISE! A man’s wife who was to have a liver biopsy was cancelled. The doctors say there is no way she could now have cancer.

Prayers for a man and his friend who will be sharing their faith at the Darke County Fair. Prayers for people to be sent and faith to be shared.

Prayers for all of the college students heading back and their families too. Also for those going to secular school that their family will remain strong.

Please pray for a woman to have strength when facing temptation and trials.

Prayers for a family that is pregnant and fearful.

Please pray for a woman’s friend who has lost faith. Pray that she will come back to Christ.

PRAISE! A mother’s anxiety has disappeared.

Prayers for 3 men who are battling drug addiction. They are doing well in the fight, but asking for prayers for strength through upcoming events.

Please pray for a little boy whose sister has cancer, asking for God’s healing.


Prayers for all the schools that have started and those that will start soon.

Prayers for a woman’s husband who is having tests this afternoon that there will be no blood clot and they will not have to wait long for the results.

Please pray for a man who has had some light headed moments and that all is well with his health.

Please pray for a man’s cousin to be saved.


Prayers for a friend who is having a difficult situation at their place of employment. Praying that all things will work out.

Prayers for a woman’s Husband who is looking for a part time job. Prayers also for a woman’s mother who is going through emotional issues and how to handle the situation.

Please pray for a man’s wife who is having ear issues. Pray for comfort and healing.

Please pray for our nation’s president to make wise decisions that will benefit our nation and it’s people. Also prayers for JoyFM that God continues to bless this ministry so it can continue to be an encouragement to all.

PRAISE!! Man’s aunt who we’ve been praying for has had surgery to remove some lumps and is now cancer free! Also have been praying for his wife, she is able to walk again and has been joining him on his evening walks.

Prayers for a woman’s uncle who was in a motorcycle accident and not doing well. Praying for a miracle.

Prayers for a woman’s friend who is going to the doctor for a lump in her lymph gland, hoping it is something they can remove and the test come back benign.

Prayers for a marriage that is having marital issues. The husband has currently moved out and not living at home.

Please pray for a man’s workplace and co-workers that God will be with them all as the business is being sold. Praying God’s spirit remains and covers them all.

Please pray for all soldier here and abroad that God will keep them safe.


Please pray for a man who is giving his testimony at church and that he will use God’s words.

Please pray for a man’s family that they can be patient and wait for God’s guidance.

Prayers for a woman’s father-in-law who is in critical condition. They are praying for healing.

Prayers for a woman’s daughter who was diagnosed with cancer and in a lot of pain.

PRAISE!! Celebrate Recovery in Winchester had at GREAT turnout at both places.

PRAISE!! A man who gave his testimony at church went great, well received, and the Holy Spirit was moving.

Please pray for a man’s family who is heading to Pennsylvania and for travel mercies.

Please pray for school children as they return to school, that they will be protected spiritually, physically, and emotionally throughout the year. That God will provide Godly staff to guide and be an example to them.