Rick Gutheil, Workday Wrap Up Host

Name & Title: Rick Gutheil Host of the “Workday Wrap-up” from 3-7 PM weekdays.

Birthday: December 11

Nickname: I don’t have one (that I know of)

Family: Wife-Deb, daughter-Jaime

Been with the Station since: August 2012

If you were not on radio what would you be doing?: I would be preaching and singing the praises of our Lord Jesus Christ. Oh, wait! I do that anyway!

Favorite Bible Verse: Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21

Besides your faith what inspires you the most: The beauty of nature and the sound of music

Favorite Phrase: I love you

Favorite Food: Chicken-Pepperoni pizza, buffalo wings, and Mikesell’s original potato chips

Favorite Restaurant: BD’s Mongolian Grill

Favorite Concert: Wow! Way too many to narrow down.

Coolest Person I have ever met: Other than Jesus, my wife

Favorite Web Site: Facebook

Additional Thoughts: Thank you Jesus for your daily providence