You Support Is Making a Difference

Your support of Joy FM is making a difference in the lives of people in our community! Here are a few stories of how you’re making a difference:

I listen to Joy FM all day at work and you guys are such a blessing through the hectic day. I join with you in prayer every morning.

A friend had Joy on in her truck one day. Listening to the music, I could just feel God’s presence. I asked her what station is this. She said “Joy FM 88.9″. So I programmed it on my school bus radio and I start my morning out with Joy FM and I just enjoy listening to it throughout the day….it is so uplifting.
—- anonymous

I lost my sight four years ago. I can’t watch TV but I listen to Joy all day long. You’re awesome!
— Ron

I started listening to Joy FM approximately 11 years ago. That is when my husband lost his job and I was the only income (working part time). But thankfully with loads of prayers my employees allowed me to go full time after 6 weeks. It was a huge struggle since our son was in sports. JOY kept me focused in my prayers and in my life. Over the years my faith has grown beyond my wildest dreams.
—- Carla

I play your station when my students are working on assignments. I love the inspiration and the message that they get through the station. It is such a positive influence for them in such a negative world! Thanks so much for your dedication to the well-being of our community!
—- Cathie

If you have something to add about how God has used Joy FM in your life, please email us at
making a difference