Is my gift to Joy FM Radio tax deductible?

Absolutely! Joy FM is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit ministry.

 If I already give a monthly gift to Joy FM Radio, do I need to renew my support during Sharathon?

First, we’ve just gotta say it, “THANK YOU!” We really appreciate your support! Unless you’ve given us an expiration date, your pledge is ongoing so there’s no need to renew. Of course if you want to make a change, we can always help, just call us at 1-877-321-3811. Thanks so much for checking!

I’m new – just wondering, how do I donate?

You can donate online and “walk” through the online form. If you’d like to call and make a gift personally, we’d love to hear from you at 1-877-321-3811.

Is there a minimum donation amount?

There are no minimums and there are no maximums. We are thankful for every gift given to support Joy FM Radio.

How do I make changes (amount, address, stuff like that) to my current donation or member account?

Our donor support office would be more than happy to make those changes for you.  You can call 1-877-321-3811.

Can I make my donation using an automatic deduction from my credit card or bank?

You sure can! We’d love to have you check out our EZ gift giving plan for monthly giving by using your checking, savings or debit/credit card. It’s easy to get started when you pledge onlineand choose “Other Payment Options.” If you have any questions, please just give us a call at 1-877-321-3811.

What happens after I make my financial gift?

You can expect a thank you letter and gift acknowledgement from Joy FM to arrive very soon. This will also include your member number.

If you’ve asked for statements, you’ll continue to receive monthly letters and giving envelopes.

Can I receive a receipt by email rather than by mail?

Yes you can.  Just call 1-877-321-3811 and we will set that up for you. You can also send an email by clicking here.

Can I just mail my gift or do I have to wait for the envelope?

You sure can! Our mailing address for gifts is:

Donor Support Center
Positive Alternative Radio, Inc.
P O Box 929
Blacksburg, VA 24063-9904